• The National Association of

    the Launderette Industry

  • All change at the top!


    During a momentous virtual Annual General Meeting on November 25th, the positions of President and Chairman changed for the first time in many years.

    The unanimous vote by the Council saw the current President, Tony Duckworth, graciously step aside in favour of the retiring Chairman, Bruce Herring. Both have served in those capacities for past 15 years, with Tony Duckworth serving as Chairman prior to that appointment. He will continue to lead as President of NOLA, the Northern arm of NALI.

    Mr Herring said 'My 15 years chairing the NALI Council have, from the onset, been extremely fulfilling; covering, as it did, almost every aspect of operation in the industry. Hopefully posterity will judge my involvement to have been a qualified success, most of which must be attributed to the co-operation, guidance and enthusiasm of my fellow members.

    I look forward to my new role with equally positive anticipation serving launderette operators to the best of my ability that the 35 years in the industry will afford.'

    The position of NALI Chairman will now be filled by Peter Morrow who has served on the Council for 10 years and is Chairman of the Membership Committee. His long term experience running well-established family owned shops on the South Coast will assure the continuity required to represent both our members and the industry as a whole.

    Mr Morrow commented 'I have seen at first hand the dedication and effort expended on behalf of NALI by the previous Chairman and President. I hope to continue this, and to encourage and increase the growing number of Members of the Association.'