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    1st Quarter 2016

    • Editorial Comment – Happy Birthday to us – NALI is 65 years
    • Health & Safety: Have you done enough to keep your boiler safe?
    • Armstrong launch new spare parts shop online
    • Employment Legislation – Reasons why disciplinary procedures can let employers down and make a ‘fair dismissal’ into an ‘unfair dismissal’
    • Employment Legislation – Tribunal decision regarding tome of for religious festival
    • Employment Legislation – Sunday trading laws
    • There’s never been a wet-cleaning system like ‘lagoon Advanced Care’

    2nd Quarter 2016

    • Editorial Comment – Rumours of our demise have been greatly exaggerated
    • Health & Safety: Slips, trips and falls in launderettes
    • Loadstar revival from Armstrong
    • Employment Legislation – How will the apprenticeship levy affect employers?
    • Employment Legislation – Preparing for a Potential Brexit
    • Employment Legislation – Managing the malingerer
    • Essex Coin Mechs and the new £1 coin
    • CleanEx 2016

    3rd Quarter 2016

    • President’s Message – Coinmech reprogramming – what is a fair price?
    • Health and Safety: RIDDOR – Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulation 2013
    • Speed Queen’s UK FIRST from Armstrong
    • Employment Legislation – How to react to a request by an employee to record a meeting
    • Employment Legislation – Six common summer employment issues
    • Employment Legislation – Top five employment law cases in 2016
    • Payment systems specifically tailored for the laundry industry
    • To Refurb or Not to Refurb?

    4th Quarter 2016

    • Life Vice President’s Message – Oh dear, what can the matter be?
    • Health and Safety: Spontaneous combustion fires in dryers
    • Washing your Dirty Laundry in Public
    • Employment Legislation – Misconduct warning letters
    • Employment Legislation – Reference requests
    • Employment Legislation – Withdrawing job offers
    • Employment Legislation – Visible tattoos?
    • The AGS solution
    • Stafford Posh Wash depend on dryers from Armstrong
    • Another triumph for the AGS seminar

    1st Quarter 2015

    • Editorial Comment – A Winter of dis---content?
    • Health & Safety: Launderettes with let residential property
    • Doing the washing app – will laundry apps impact on our marker sector?
    • Employment Legislation – Are your employees fit for work?
    • Workplace pensions are here, act now, it’s the law
    • Employment Legislation – Family matters in your business
    • Employment Legislation – Communication is the most powerful HR tool
    • Launderette refit
    • Free half day seminar for launderette owners – Spring Event

    2nd Quarter 2015

    • Editorial Comment – AGS seminar a success in Luton
    • Health & Safety: Fire alarm systems in launderettes
    • Central Wash delighted with Speed Queen dryers from Armstrong
    • Employment Legislation – Questions you’ve always wanted to ask about employment
    • The VAT man cometh!
    • Productivity and energy efficiency
    • Reduction of VAT in the launderette industry???
    • Member negotiates increased rebate for water/sewage

    3rd Quarter 2015

    • Editorial Comment – It will come out in the wash
    • Health and Safety: “So far as is reasonably practicable”
    • CLEAN 2015 ATLANTA
    • Employment Legislation – Employment Handbook – why have one?
    • Employment Legislation – How NOT to interview your next employee
    • Tales from the launderette
    • NALI president relies on dryers from Armstrong
    • FREE seminar for launderette owners – Autumn Event
    • Employment Legislation – The living wage and the national minimum wage

    4th Quarter 2015

    • Editorial Comment: 2015 – a year of mixed fortunes?
    • Health and Safety: Electrical Safety in the launderette
    • Thoughts from a member
    • An Englishman, a Scotsman and an Irishman went into a launderette
    • Employment Legislation – Unauthorised absence
    • Employment Legislation – Recording meetings
    • Employment Legislation – Fighting at the Christmas Party
    • NoLA annual forum
    • London launderette owner relies on Armstrong dryers
    • Another triumph for the AGS seminar

    1st Quarter 2014

    • Editorial Comment – The silly season must be upon us!
    • Health & Safety: Asbestos again – the latest!
    • Health & Safety: the Health & Safety Executive website
    • Employment Legislation – Plan ahead for holidays
    • Good news for the management of your launderette
    • The final furlong to the opening at LCT Cleanex 2014
    • 24/7 launderette for East Lancs
    • Way To Go team members lead launderette ‘wash mobs’
    • Saving with my Oil Club

    2nd Quarter 2014

    • Editorial Comment – The return of the Dodecagon
    • Health & Safety: Lest we forget!
    • Busman’s holiday?
    • Employment Legislation – Flexible Working Rights for All
    • CleanEx: What a Weekend! What a Success!
    • Couple jailed for £2.3m fraud
    • Coin operation and industry impact
    • Electrical Awareness Scheme
    • Launderettes in New Zealand

    3rd Quarter 2014

    • Editorial Comment – The curse of the abandoned duvet
    • Health and Safety: Skin problems in launderettes
    • Employment Legislation – The cost of holidays rises
    • Employment Legislation – Sharing parental leave after 5 April 2015
    • Running a successful laundry
    • Industry upgrades
    • Al is well!

    4th Quarter 2014

    • Editorial Comment: 2013 – A fond Farewell to 2014
    • Health and Safety: The importance of being a NALI member
    • In Memoriam – Edward Malone 1933 - 2014
    • Health and Safety: How to write a health and safety policy
    • Speed Queen launch – coin laundry project in the UK
    • Employment Legislation – Holiday Pay Judgment
    • To spin or not to spin?
    • AGS makeover for a family business

    1st Quarter 2013

    • Editorial Comment – The dilemma of the “Beautiful Game”
    • Health & Safety: The First Aid Box
    • Staff training manual – Section 10 – How to deal with customer complaints
    • Responsibility – when is a launderette owner responsible for customers’ belongings?
    • Electrolux helps businesses save money
    • Employment Legislation - Employee engagement – keep your staff happy
    • Have your say! Letters from NALI members
    • LCT CleanEx returns in 2014

    2nd Quarter 2013

    • Editorial Comment – Reduced rate of VAT?
    • Health & Safety: Gas water heater/boiler maintenance
    • Staff training manual – Section 11 and 12 – Health & Safety at work/Shop Safety
    • Why do fires start in launderettes?
    • Self-service laundry made easier than ever
    • Found the right person to take on – now what next?
    • Employment Legislation: Fit note makes no difference
    • Old Slowhand has the washday blues
    • Have your say! Letters from NALI members

    3rd Quarter 2013

    • Editorial Comment – We held a party and nobody came!
    • Health and Safety: The NALI “Check List”
    • Owner believed to have died instantly in launderette blast
    • Staff training manual – Section 13 – COSSH (Control of Substances hazardous to Health
    • A changing world – adapt or die!
    • New range of smart washing machines to save time and money
    • Employment Legislation - Are you thinking of taking on a part time employee?
    • Water heaters – the launderettes beating heart
    • Our toy size boiler choice

    4th Quarter 2013

    • Editorial Comment: 2013 – As one door opens another five close!
    • Health and Safety: Your Council of Management – now and in the future!
    • Health and Safety: Fire Safety Law – don’t get left high and dry
    • Insuring an unattended or partly attended launderette
    • Employment Legislation: 2013 – a good year for employment lawyers!
    • Edinburgh’s first eco-friendly launderette opens
    • One-stop-shop website for food service and commercial laundry

    1st Quarter 2012

    • NALI at CleanEx
    • Editorial Comment - A sad farewell and a new beginning
    • Obituary – Geoffrey Stuart
    • Cornish solar-powered launderette on Channel 4
    • Manchester launderette badly damaged in blaze
    • The Old Cinema Launderette
    • What must I report? RIDDOR Regulations 1995 update
    • Health and Safety: Staff Training Manual – Sections 4 and 5: Laundering and Drying Aids
    • Employment Changes Update
    • Don’t let inflation leave you high and dry
    • Re-equipping; How to make the right decisions
    • Mason McLean dives into Lagoon

    2nd Quarter 2012

    • Editorial Comment - Turn your radio off!
    • Businesswoman’s warning after £1,500 fine
    • Launderette security – Amazing New service!
    • Health and Safety: Lifting and handling
    • Health and Safety: Staff training manual – Section 6: Solving common laundering problems
    • Ozone water technologies
    • Employment Legislation: Fit note makes no difference
    • Employment Legislation: Avoiding disruption during the Olympics
    • Employment Legislation: Changes to unfair dismissal rules
    • Insurance Matters: How to find ‘the one’ – when selecting an insurance broker
    • LCT CleanEx hits the jackpot with a winning formula

    3rd Quarter 2012

    • Editorial Comment: Good news is no news?
    • Health and Safety: Is this the worst economic downturn for 80 years?
    • Health and Safety: New rules for Energy Performance Certificates April 23, 2012
    • Health and Safety: Staff training manual – Sections 7 and 8: Dry Cleaning procedure and Procedure for completing tickets
    • Why be a NALI member?
    • Have your say: Council forces closure of long-established launderette due to regeneration of shopping centre
    • Have your say: Long time lover of launderettes
    • Safety in Launderettes/On premise laundries
    • Employment Legislation: Can the employer claim compensation when an employee is called for jury service?
    • Employment Legislation: Dealing with difficult conversations
    • Beckenham launderette washed Brazil’s Olympic outfits
    • Launderette brought back to life in Bromsgrove
    • Sheepridge launderette to help village cleanup
    • Launderette launched in shadow of riot building

    4th Quarter 2012

    • Editorial Comment: 2013 – onward and upward?
    • Ken Sanson retires
    • Health and Safety: Drying washing indoors coul be an Asthma risk!
    • Health and Safety: Staff training manual – Section 9: Information on water softeners
    • Employment Legislation: Getting the best from your employees
    • Insurance Matters: A ground breaking insurance service for the textile care industry
    • Payment systems and equipment for self-service management
    • Have your say: Council forces removal of energy conservation unit
    • What do you want from your water company

    1st Quarter 2011

    • NALI member develops heat recycling unit
    • JLA cleans up with a £12.5m deal
    • Editorial Comment: NALI to the rescue
    • Replacing broken windows
    • Health and Safety: Fire extinguishers for essential active fire protection
    • Staff member injured in explosion
    • Employment Legislation: Default Retirement Age of 65 - going, going, Gone - on 1 October 2011
    • Employment Legislation: Unauthorised absence - how to deal with it
    • Insurance Matters: Don’t let insurance fraud trip you up
    • A lot of ‘hot air’

    2nd Quarter 2011

    • The JLA Clean Show is back!
    • Editorial Comment: It’s a kilo Jim – but not as we know it!
    • Business Update: Our quest for zero VAT continues
    • Health and Safety: Secretary of State’s Guidance for Dry Cleaning
    • Health and Safety: Staff training manual – Section 1
    • Employment Legislation: The Bribery Act 2010
    • Employment Legislation: Individual workplace conflict is on the rise
    • Insurance Matters: Vote with your feet – demand more from your insurance
    • Clean ’11 Las Vegas
    • Step on the gas

    3rd Quarter 2011

    • Scottish launderette extends facilities
    • Editor’s Comment: The last of the summer swine?
    • President’s Overview: Am I a competent person?
    • Health and Safety: Launderette owners’ First-Aid reminder
    • Health and Safety: Staff training manual – Section 2
    • Employment Legislation: Part time, full time – or could it be something else?
    • Insurance matters: Is the pressure getting to you?
    • Clean 2011 – Viva Las Vegas
    • Electrolux launches new generation tumble dyers

    4th Quarter 2011

    • LCT CleanEX all set to clean up
    • Editorial Comment: A frustratingly turbulent year
    • Health and Safety: 30 years of Health and Safety
    • Health and Safety: The danger of aerosols!
    • Health and Safety: Basic electrical inspection requirements for launderettes
    • Health and Safety: Gas safety inspections
    • Health and Safety: Staff training manual Section 3
    • Employment Legislation: How to manage employee performance
    • Insurance Matters: tis the season to be cautious
    • Energy Saving: Switch to Electrolux for happier customers
    • Old boilers our speciality

    1st Quarter 2010

    • JLA in £150m takeover talks
    • Spring; a time of rebirth
    • Be wary of gas/electricity renewal offers
    • Health and Safety – Updated guidance on ‘Managing Asbestos risks’
    • Health and Safety – Unregistered gas fitter fines after 700 lives put at risk
    • Employment Legislation – When does holiday become sick leave and sick leave become holiday?
    • Insurance Matters – Honesty is the best policy
    • The infamous “Lockbuster” strikes again
    • Explosion at launderette
    • Heidi Flies ‘Dirty’ Laundromat
    • Transformed from loo to launderette
    • My clothes disappeared at the launderette, what can I do?
    • ‘The world’s largest laudromat’ …
    • NALI member wins £1.25 million recording contract

    2nd Quarter 2010

    • Member threatened with closure over vandalism
    • Sui Generis?
    • Could the climate be any worse for us?
    • Health and Safety – How to asses risks in your launderette
    • Health and Safety – Pollution control for dry cleaning businesses
    • Employment Legislation - Will fattism in the workplace become commonplace?
    • Challenging the retirement age
    • Fire prevention
    • Launderette lovers
    • To Cannes via the launderette
    • Gateshead launderette to be transformed for new Hovis advert
    • Lib Dem’s bubble bursts
    • Launderette boss is taken to the cleaners

    3rd Quarter 2010

    • Media focus on launderettes
    • Member develops DIY Fire Safety system for old Loadstar dryers
    • Out of the frying pan and into another one?
    • Customer service/keeping customers
    • Health and Safety - Fire Safety and risk assessment
    • Employment Legislation - Appraisals – why do them?
    • Compulsory retirement and default retirement age of 65 is going
    • Insurance matters - Business interruption
    • The rise and fall of the launderette
    • Turn back the clock and take a spin to the launderette
    • Laundry parties take of
    • f
    • Launderettes are ‘better than property’
    • You cannot own a launderette and NOT be a member of NALI
    • UK Washpoint installation for Comesterogroup

    4th Quarter 2010

    • NALI president spearheads use of solar energy
    • Shop closures – an even bet
    • Renewable energy from the roof
    • Member’ health, safety and other enquiries
    • Employment Legislation - The Equality Act
    • Insurance Matters - Be safe, not sorry, this Christmas
    • The lost world of the launderettes
    • 0% business loans from the Carbon Trust
    • Indesit – We Work, You Play! Literally!
    • Laundry business hopes to clean up
    • Wrexham launderette owners in £5,000 reward offer

    1st Quarter 2009

    • British launderettes reach Diamond Jubilee
    • President’s Viewpoint - In the bleak of winter
    • Money down the drain
    • New dryers stack up
    • Chairman’s Comments - In the beginning -
    • Insurance Matters - A fresh new brand for Spa Brokers
    • Once upon a time!
    • Health and Safety - Electrical inspections in launderettes
    • Corgi dropped by HSE
    • Update yourself on Health and Safety
    • Carbon Trust interest free loans
    • A launderette as a focal point for the community
    • Changes to the rules on discipline and grievance
    • Failure to own up to an illness

    2nd Quarter 2009

    • President’s Viewpoint - Deflation? Not for us -
    • Reduce probability of spontaneous combustion
    • Insurance Matters - Replacing a lock is essential
    • Chairman’s Comments - Live long and prosper
    • New Health and Safety poster
    • The launderette industry’s 60th anniversary
    • The early days in the North
    • The Launderette – a minor domestic revolution and the creation of an urban myth
    • The history of washing machines
    • Absence makes the heart grow fonder – or maybe not?
    • Employment Legislation - Changes to holiday entitlements from 1st April 2009
    • Promote yourself

    3rd Quarter 2009

    • President’s Overview - Meeting and greeting at Clean09 in New Orleans
    • Insurance Matters - Responsibilities of running a business
    • Chairman’s Comments – ‘Engineering’ – the good, the bad and the ugly
    • Health and Safety - HSE warns businesses not to be misled over new law poster
    • Health and Safety - Landlords reminded to check gas appliances regularly
    • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms
    • Clean USA – Attendance down, but quality up
    • The ‘virtually waterless’ laundry
    • Eighty years young
    • Employment Legislation - I think I’ve got flu … or is it just a cold?
    • Employment Legislation – I’m pregnant!
    • Government to impose pension reforms
    • Well – well – well!
    • Perfect your profile

    4th Quarter 2009

    • Zero VAT rating for launderettes?
    • President’s Overview - Launderette Heroes
    • Insurance Matters - Quality versus Price – the importance of choice
    • Chairman’s Comments - ‘NALI’ – the ‘AA’ of the industry?
    • Health and Safety - New risk assessment tools save businesses time and money
    • Health and Safety - An Asbestos Update
    • Energy prices at Large Consumer prices – HOW?
    • Religion – but not as we know it
    • Employment Legislation - Some things to prepare for …
    • Employment Legislation - Thinking of taking on casual workers?
    • “Leave it to OUR imagination”



    1st Quarter 2008

    • Reprieve for NALI trade event
    • In our opinion
    • And the toast is – SUDS LAUNDERETTE
    • Launderette Refurbishment
    • Chairman’s Comments - One man’s innovation – but another’s nightmare!
    • Insurance Matters - Protecting against ‘Identity Theft’
    • Your Guide to Major Suppliers in 2008
    • Health and Safety - A case of ducting
    • Out of order!
    • Update yourself on Health and Safety
    • Employment Legislation - How to defend yourself in an ‘employee dispute’

    2nd Quarter 2008

    • In our opinion
    • Safety-first, the raison d’être for launderette inspections
    • NALI once again proves its ‘watchdog role value!
    • An opportunity for launderettes in economic downturn
    • Chairman’s Comments - Government to shutdown launderettes that fail to save water!
    • On-going moves to link NALI trade show event to national promotion
    • Health and Safety - Beware that well-intentioned ruling not in our best interest!
    • Insurance Matters - Managing risks
    • Haunted once again by the spectre of inflation!
    • Look to your local’ surgery’ for a business health check
    • Reducing water consumption to the original specification of your washer
    • Beware those ‘charity’ publishing scams!
    • Employment Legislation - No short-cuts to defending employment dispute issues

    3rd Quarter 2008

    • In our opinion
    • Why be a NALI member?
    • Laundrette operator in the van of electric power motoring
    • Mobile phone road death tariff raised to seven years!
    • Health and Safety - The GLC (General Powers) Act 1973 Section 31 (an update)
    • Insurance Matters - The nature of launderette claims
    • Coin-box theft
    • There’s no launderette quite like the one at home!
    • Ensure your pricing structure matches higher utilities costs
    • Promotion committee ‘up-and-running’!
    • Save water by ensuring that the drain valve is unobstructed
    • EHO suggests ‘Launderette Watch’ scheme to help raise standards!
    • Chairman’s Comments - Fine weather – for a wedding
    • Employment Legislation - When staff absences need to be financially covered – by you!

    4th Quarter 2008

    • Need for NALI to retain faith, Bruce Herring tells Council
    • Why pay over the odds for launderette business legal advice?
    • Energy Performance Certificates
    • Health and Safety - Minimise the risk of in-shop accidents and incorrect maintenance procedures
    • Death of Launderette Entrepreneur Derek Chamberlain
    • Chairman’s Comments - Loyalty v Objectivity
    • Profits from borehole water supply on target
    • In the Bleak Mid-Winter
    • Insurance Matters - The global financial crisis and you!
    • Enforcement, insurance liability and retail sector news
    • Safety in Launderettes and On-Premise Laundries (a reminder)
    • Employment Legislation - Expensive retirement gift – cheaper than a gold clock?
    • Beware personal disfigurements

    1st Quarter 2007

    • Shell Gas Direct asked to make an offer” on bulk price discount scheme.
    • ‘Shock-theme leaflet to prompt Associate- Membership take-up.
    • Waste Recycling Regulations.
    • Launderette ‘Love Bug’ now gets mobile!
    • Mutual benefits of ‘Associate Membership’.
    • Compensating the dishonest.
    • Convenience is the key to on-going viability of launderette operations.
    • Chairman’s comments: Do we get the ‘recognition’ we really deserve?
    • Feed-back for LCW on U.S. ‘Clean’ 07 Show.
    • NALI looks to industry support for future UK shows.
    • Go ‘on record’ to safeguard an insurance pay-out!
    • Threat to UK Safety Law.
    • Safety in Launderettes and On-Premise Laundries.
    • Getting to grips with ill-feeling between colleagues.
    • Yet still more Government by ‘Stealth’!

    2nd Quarter 2007

    • NALI anxiety over launderette-style facilities
    • that could lead to holiday tragedies.
    • Profits can gush forth when money is poured into
    • a hole in the ground!
    • Your Tax – Their Incentive!
    • Get yourself a clean Bill of Health!
    • Chairman’s comments: Summertime Blues – and Boreholes.
    • A Brighter Outlook.
    • Smoke-free Law now a matter of fact.
    • Solvent Emissions Directive update.
    • NALI ‘Associate Membership’ offer to EHOs.
    • Insurance matters: “Once Burnt, Twice Shy”.
    • Dismissal of an employee for ‘Misconduct’ can put you on the wrong side of the law if you get it wrong!

    3rd Quarter 2007

    • Insurance Pay-Out Risk for Operators without a safe working certificate
    • Corgi and utility Renewals - and Absolute rubbish
    • Launderette Services to the rescue of flood-battered homeowners
    • Chairman's comments: Analysing a Money Trap
    • @Associated Liver@ honour long service employees.
    • Insurance matters: A Silver Lining?
    • Clean 07, Las Vegas
    • Boost your bottom line: 10 ways to make more money in your coin laundry
    • A look ahead: The future of the self-service laundry industry
    • Stress Management
    • UK beats off EU safety law challenge

    4th Quarter 2007

    • Major Admin. changes introduced by NALI for 2008
    • Essential to believe that support of the industry is a worthwhile cause
    • NALI Council for 2007 - 2008
    • Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative
    • Essential to believe that support of the industry
    • Chairman's comments: Tales of woe and construction.
    • Helpline proved its worth
    • Housing Benefit changes
    • Insurance matters: Full Service laundry business
    • A Spur to Improving Safer Working Standards
    • National Minimum Wage
    • Employment laws hit recruiting



    1st Quarter 2006

    • Obituary: Armstrong chief and war-time mines ‘killer’.
    • 25 years service to launderette health & safety.
    • What is dangerous about asbestos?
    • NALI meet with DTI over utilities’ costs.
    • My new neighbour is a Bulldozer!
    • Chairman’s comment: The nuclear option.
    • Editor’s comment: Need for viable service charges.
    • Employment legislation: Beware of an advertisement that brings unwanted response!
    • Insurance matters: Current trends assessment in launderette insurance.

    2nd Quarter 2006

    • NALI plan membership extension.
    • Exemption for coin-op drycleaners.
    • Health and Safety: Asbestos update.
    • Don’t let an accident ‘waiting to happen’ simply happen.
    • Editor’s comments: United we’ll stand.
    • Now we’re on local radio!
    • NALI representative’s views on DTI meeting.
    • Chairman’s comments: Lemmings to the slaughter?
    • Employment legislation: Now is the time to review employment practices!
    • Insurance matters: The small print.

    3rd Quarter 2006

    • NALI president to retire.
    • A wake-up call for duvet cleaning!
    • First-Aid box reminder.
    • SED Amendments approved.
    • Editor’s comments: A changing world!
    • Less light in a carbon footprint.
    • Over-zealous EHO comes to call.
    • Chairman's comments: A can of worms
      - or a duvet full of mites?
    • Insurance matters: Fun (or perhaps not) in the sun...
    • Employment legislation.

    4th Quarter 2006

    • New NALI President.
    • Associate Membership initiative.
    • Chairman's keynote AGM address.
    • London trade show: Report and pictures.
    • New faces in NALI management team.
    • Cash-flow confusion.
    • Certificate of Recognition.
    • Chairman's comments: The question of methane.
    • Health and Safety: Fire Safety risk assessment.
    • Gas dryer maintenance.
    • Insurance matters: It can pay to pay a little more!
    • Employment legislation: The 'last post' sounds for cigarette smokers!



    1st Quarter 2005

    • Education! Education! Education!
    • S.E.D. Deadlines for Operators with Dry Cleaning equipment.
    • That NALI ‘Check List’ is important!
    • Rate Reduction and a smoke free zone.
    • Insurance Matters – ‘Financial Services Authority’.
    • Fire Safety Regulations update.
    • Looking for a new gas and/or electricity supplier?

    2nd Quarter 2005

    • The electorate has made its choice.
    • Chairman’s comment: Orlando – here I come!
    • The ever present threat of spontaneous combustion.
    • Insurance Matters p Is your business always attended?
    • Employment Matters – Don’t ignore that request for flexible working!
    • Written terms and conditions of employment.

    3rd Quarter 2005

    • Investing for profit.
    • ‘Pick-lock’ thieves target launderettes.
    • Why remove asbestos-containing materials when encapsulating is the answer.
    • Obituary – veteran of the laundry industry since 1931 – Mr Mal Deeley.
    • Chairman’s comment – To change or not to change…
    • Encouraging support for NOLA exhibition.
    • Do you have employers liability insurance?
    • Insurance Matters – Terrorism!
    • Employment Matters – When is a resignation not counted as a resignation?

    4th Quarter 2005

    • Coin-operated Dry Cleaning Machines - Deferral of PPC Permit Applications.
    • The Housing Act 2004 and Fire Safety.
    • Is it now too dangerous to go to Work?
    • New British Standard.
    • Winter Perils.
    • A commitment to Service Standards vital to Meet Future Challenges.
    • Direct Members' Representative Leeds NALI Council for 2005-2006.
    • Bruce Herring Takes 'Centre Stage' in new NALI Council Line-Up.
    • New NALI Website in Place to Herald Start of 2006.
    • Grumpy Old Man!
    • Good Show, NOLA!
    • "A Day " and "U Day".
    • Government measures to tackle workplace violence.

    1st Quarter 2004

    • Advertising for free.
    • Water, water everywhere – and not a drop we drink.
    • Air Supply for gas-fired water heaters.
    • Health and Safety requirements for Launderettes.
    • Insurance Matters – Why add-on ‘Terrorism Risk’ insurance may not be too high a price to pay!
    • Legally Speaking.
    • Mr Speaker!

    2nd Quarter 2004

    • Compliance is the best form of damage limitation.
    • Chairman reflects on the liability in the small print.
    • Insurance Matters – The Claims Professionals.
    • Electrical Safety in the Launderette.
    • D-day veteran.
    • NALI’s army of secret recruiters.
    • Broadbent hydro-extractors.
    • Mr Speaker!

    3rd Quarter 2004

    • Industry buoyancy encourages interest from entrepreneurs.
    • Chairman reflects on ‘Making a good impression’.
    • Insurance Matters – In cases of insurance fraud you are the victim!
    • Retirement of launderette personality Peter Lowery.
    • Health and Safety – Consider changes that are feasible and realistically affordable.
    • Guide to NALI’s Coin-Op Laundry Exhibition.
    • The Landlord & Tenant Act.

    4th Quarter 2004

    • All you have to do is ask…
    • London Underground failed to derail NALI coin-op laundry event.
    • Chairman reflects on ‘prices and posters’.
    • Maintenance of portable electrical equipment.
    • Insurance Matters – Normal business to be resumed as soon as possible.
    • A Risk Assessment for a typical launderette with dry cleaning.
    • Obituary and tribute – Victor D Webb.
    • Brush up on your health and safety awareness.


    1st Quarter 2003

    • Training Centres for CORGI recognition.
    • Thumb up – or a thumb down?
    • Insurance Matters – the doctrine of utmost good faith.
    • Statutory Procedures in Disciplinary Actions.
    • All you need to know about Paypoints.

    2nd Quarter 2003

    • Lincolnshire launderette gas explosion.
    • In Memoriam – John Mitchell.
    • Twelve into One does go!
    • Parliamentary Written Answers.
    • Insurance Matters – handling customers’ claims.
    • Business Intelligence.
    • Health and Safety Checklist.

    3rd Quarter 2003

    • Never is so much (potentially) lost.
    • It’s no less a Public Health danger than tobacco!
    • G’day NALI (from ‘Down Under’)
    • Compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act.
    • Insurance Matters – Insurance Premiums to fall in line with climatic changes.
    • Laundromat business powered by tradition - and the motorcar!
    • New Format Accident Record Book.

    4th Quarter 2003

    • Launderette business burned by sun factor.
    • Click on to CORGI.
    • We’ve been there, done it, got the T-shirt!
    • Government ‘sacrifices’ coin-op dry cleaning.
    • Insurance Matters – Be peaceful, diplomatic - and remove temptation.
    • Employment Legislation: Discrimination.

    1st Quarter 2002

    • Getting to grips with customers’ (ever changing rights!).
    • Compliance with the Law is not an option!
    • Proposed new (Asbestos) Code of Practice.
    • NALI acknowledgement in FSB asbestos report.
    • Insurance Matters – Cost-cutting is a dangerous policy.
    • Contracts for electricity and gas.
    • How to win Customers and influence Profits!
    • The bank that didn’t want our money!

    2nd Quarter 2002

    • The Inland Revenue wants its pound of (tax) flesh!
    • The Solvent Emissions Directive.
    • FSB Policy Statement supports NALI stance on asbestos.
    • New talks on fire safety laws.
    • Insurance matters – the public represents a potential liability!
    • Tax reductions favour Companies.
    • A way of life that continues to attract the entrepreneur.
    • Parliamentary Written Answers.

    3rd Quarter 2002

    • The Disability Discrimination Act 1995.
    • Insurance Matters – Policyholders jointly pick up the bill.
    • Parliamentary Written Answers.
    • Testing our ‘Loadstar’ Dryers.

    4th Quarter 2002

    • Business changes are inevitable.
    • NOLA meeting – Water to do!
    • New Legislation challenge to coin-op dry cleaning.
    • CORGI registration dilemma.
    • Business (and costs) on the up and up.
    • Asbestos update.
    • Insurance Matters - Why does a launderette need special insurance?
    • The Employment Act 2002.


    1st Quarter 2001

    • Asbestos revisited – the continuing saga.
    • Media and MPs back CCL promotion.
    • Countdown to Clean UK.
    • Your response to NALI’s CCL initiative.
    • Money, money, money…
    • What are VCTs?
    • Contracts for gas and electricity supply.
    • Your guide to industrial and Commercial gas and electricity suppliers.
    • Making the connection.

    2nd Quarter 2001

    • ‘Surfing’ for pleasure.
    • No risk assessment – then you’re at risk.
    • Sequel to the ‘Encapsulating’ Asbestos story.
    • Insurance Matters.
    • MPs urged to reflect on CCL.
    • They’re playing the ‘weighting’ game!
    • Act promptly on complaints.

    3rd Quarter 2001

    • Bourbon Street and all that jazz.
    • Supply and servicing problems.
    • Insurance Matters.
    • Fire precautions.
    • Health and Safety at Work.

    4th Quarter 2001

    • When all else fails – be self-reliant.
    • Pay rates in East Anglia lead the way.
    • In Memoriam – Ernest Hardaker.
    • Pick-up and delivery service.
    • Getting the Police involved.
    • On a Personal Note.

    1st Quarter 2000

    • The Future Financial Health of the Launderette.
    • A Risky Wager (Understanding the rules and Regulations for coping with the minimum wage).
    • Insurance Matters.
    • You’re ‘investors’ in people.
    • Consultation document on part-time work.

    2nd Quarter 2000

    • Market Intelligence.
    • Have you registered for effluent discharge?
    • Mandatory Health & Safety Poster.
    • Do your staff really know what is expected of them?
    • Employment Law: Don’t be dismissive.
    • Minding your own business.
    • Insurance Matters.
    • Tips from the top.

    3rd Quarter 2000

    • It’s the Look that says ‘Welcome’.
    • Promoting Back Pain Awareness.
    • Euro prompts name change.
    • Health and Safety, now that Autumn’s here.
    • Get a drip tray.
    • ‘Dock’ Brief.
    • You wouldn’t by any chance be thinking of selling your launderette?
    • Insurance Matters: In the Heat of the Night.
    • Health and Safety Checklist.

    4th Quarter 2000

    • A stronger and more influential body.
    • FSB Update.
    • Group ops. Reflect on a ‘Steady as you go’ Year.
    • In Memoriam – Mr Robin Phillips of Warner Howard Group and Mr Gavin Blanchard,
    • associate editor of ‘Laundry and Cleaning News’.
    • In a common cause.
    • Insurance Matters: Why have insurance if you can’t claim?
    • Safety in Launderettes.
    • HSE update on current regulations.
    • Health and Safety page.
    • The end of an era.
    • Making the connection.