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    the Launderette Industry

  • Waterworx

  • Waterworx have asked that their position be clarified in respect of a previous NALI recommendation, and have offered the following explanation:

    Dear NALI,

    Further to your phone call, as promised, I will  set out the circumstances which led to some of our customers being "conned" by a very sophisticated scam operated by a company called UK Business Water who said they were part of the Castle Group (which is Thames Water retail side).

    I had concerns early on and took my suspicions to OFWAT who advised me to contact the Consumer Council for Water for England (CCW). When they replied, they informed me that UK Business Water were already under investigation by them and were not an authorised supplier of water. They advised that any customer who had paid monies to them should seek redress immediately via their respective banks as they were trading illegally.

    We contacted all our customers immediately and advised them of this. Most still hadn't paid any monies over so were not affected. Only one of your members were affected at that time and we advised him to contact his bank as per CCW. Unfortunately, one more member paid monies 6 weeks after being advised not to, so there was a total of two members affected.

    I must state for the record that Waterworx received no monies whatsoever from UK Business Water and, like all the other brokers around the country, were just left with the unpleasant aftermath of this scam. To date, four companies linked to UK Business Water, have been forced to stop trading and forced into liquidation:

    UK Business Water (UKBW) Limited Huddersfield, incorporated 24/4/17,

    UKBW Services Bury St Edmunds, inc. 24/4/17,

    UKBW Supply Selby Nth. Yorkshire, inc 19/10/17

    UKBW Solutions Doncaster, inc 3/4/17

    To get an idea of the extent of this scam, not one of the above companies forwarded any accounts before being dissolved at Companies House. The obvious link between all the companies was what alerted me in the first place and that was when I contacted OFWAT and CCW.

    I hope you can see from the above, that Waterworx UK were also victims in this but at least Waterworx can take some of the credit for getting them stopped.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mike, John & John.