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    the Launderette Industry

  • Out of Control car crashes into launderette during business hours!

  • Business was severely interrupted, and one customer was seriously injured when a Jaguar crashed through the front of a South-East shop. The car smashed into the shop-front after loosing control and then colliding with a parked vehicle, before taking off and smashing through the shop front, writing off 4x 20kg washing machines, the vinyl floor, the whole shop front and a hot water cylinder. The car driver walked away with only slight injuries.

    Shop owner and NALI member Mr. Peter Gunston wishes to offer his condolences to the injured lady, a regular customer, and her family and hopes she makes a rapid recovery, a sentiment that NALI wholeheartedly endorses.

    All the Emergency Services were called to the incident in Sackville Road, Bexhill around 5pm on Friday June 10th 2016, and were of the opinion that the damage to the launderette was so severe that it would be unlikely to re-open for several weeks. However Mr. Gunston is made of sterner stuff than that and, after obtaining the Local Councils advice that the building was safe and aided by family and friends who worked through the night, he was able to re-open at 6:45am as usual on the Saturday morning!

    Mr Gunston said “All the Emergency services were most professional and did a fantastic job. Before they arrived there were members of the public that entered the launderette to help the injured lady, which was very brave considering there was a car resting on top of the washing machines, with debris everywhere and water 4 inches deep on the floor. I would like to thank them all for what they did. I would also like to say a huge thank you to all my family and friends that worked through the night so that we could open up as usual the next morning. Special thanks must go to the Skip company PJG Group who arrived at 10pm to drop off a skip and stayed until it was full at midnight, as we could not have cleared the debris and the smashed machines without them, and also my plumber Simon Bishop who worked with us to isolate the plumbing".

    NALI considers that Mr. Gunston has demonstrated an extremely high level of dedication to his business and customers, and his swift reaction to a business interruption of such magnitude is an example to us all.