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  • What’s coming for HR in 2022?

  • What’s coming for HR in 2022?

    The following has been kindly supplied by Sue Ferguson of Options HR:

    Details published of the re-opened SSP Rebate Scheme

    On 21 December 2021, the UK Government re-opened the Coronavirus SSP Rebate Scheme

    The Scheme covers the cost of up to two weeks’ SSP per employee for Covid-related absences to employers with fewer than 250 employees.  

    Employers will be eligible for the scheme if:

    • They are UK-based

    • They employed fewer than 250 employees as of 30 November 2021

    • They had a PAYE payroll system as of 30 November 2021

    • They have already paid their employees’ Covid-related SSP

    This two-week limit will be reset so an employer will be able to claim up to two weeks per employee regardless of whether they have claimed under the previous scheme for that same employee.

    The portal will be live from mid-January 2022, but employers can backdate claims for any Covid-related absences beginning on or after 21 December 2021. Whilst this is described as a temporary scheme in government guidance, no end date has been confirmed for when this scheme will close.


    Whilst many organisations will not be required by law to have fully vaccinated workers, to minimise the disruption of Covid, and for the health and safety of staff and customers, encouraging staff to become fully vaccinated, and having boosters, is a move well worth taking. Keeping track of everyone’s vaccination status is recommended for the same reasons.

    Compulsory vaccines for those working in health and social care

    It was announced 9 November 2021 that all those working on the front line, or in ancillary positions that may have social contact with patients and service users, will need to be vaccinated.

    Whilst this has not yet passed through parliament, it is expected to come into force on 1 April. There will be a 12-week grace period preceding this in which affected staff will need to get vaccinated, or face redeployment or dismissal.

    National minimum / living wage

    We know that this will be changing in April, and employers will need to ensure they are aware of important birthdays (as staff may move within pay bands) and the new rates so the changes can be implemented. The 2022 rates will be:

    ·         23+ year olds = £9.50

    ·         21-22 year olds = £9.18

    ·         18-20 year olds = £6.83

    ·         16-17 year-olds = £4.81

    ·         Apprentices = £4.81.

    Similarly, from 3 April 2022, statutory maternity, paternity, adoption, shared parental, and parental bereavement pay will increase from £151.97 per week to £156.66 per week.

    To find out more about Options HR, call 0118 940 3032 or email sueferguson@optionshr.co.uk