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NALI's Code Of Practice

Members of NALI agree to honour the spirit and provision of the code and undertake to observe the following basic principles:

​To maintain the highest possible standard of cleanliness, service, safety and performance of equipment.

To train staff to be competent, courteous and helpful at all times and conversant with the equipment installed in the launderette.

To display in the launderette premises the price charged for each individual service and instructions on how to use the launderette equipment.

To investigate any complaint promptly and sympathetically.

The refund the amount of any coins inserted into the launderette equipment and lost due to machine failure.

To pay fair compensation for any loss or damage to articles due to machine failure or negligence on the part of the launderette proprietor or his/her staff.

These undertakings reflect NALI's determination to ensure that the highest possible standards

of quality and service are maintained by NALI members at all times.

  • Members of NALI provide a very important and essential service to a wide cross-section of the community.

  • In order to minimise the number of complaints and to ensure customer satisfaction and the effective handling of disputes, members of NALI set themselves clear objectives in their customer relations policy and undertake to apply practices, standards and procedures designed to achieve the level of service set out in the Code of Practice Statement.

  • Members will display, in a prominent position on their launderette premises, a symbol proclaiming their Association Membership and therefore their adherence to the Code.

  • A paper copy of the Code of Practice is available to the public through either the launderette or the NALI Secretariat.

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