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Utilities Warning

Peter Morrow

17 Mar 2023

Beware of companies targeting you!

  • NALI are well aware of the effects of sharply increasing energy costs, especially following the reduction in Government relief. We have written, on our Members' behalf, to the Chancellor, Ofgem and the BEIS earlier this year, all with disappointing responses.

  • Our warning comes as we have been made aware of a consultancy firm targeting launderettes to save them money on utilities by promoting a third party who give you a percentage discount from your current bill. However, it involves you paying that third party directly and essentially handing over control over your utilities.

  • NALI do not advise this, and recommend you approach all such companies with caution, read the small print, ask questions and do not be pressured into signing paperwork without doing all your research. If you are wary of any particular brokerage please get in touch with us, we may have more information.

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